Bending forceps special for bone plate



The utility model relates to the field of medical instruments, particularly to a bending forceps special for a bone plate, formed by two forceps rods which are in cross connection through a pin. One end of each forceps rod is provided with a forceps head bending towards one side. Bending degrees of the forceps heads are above 90 degrees. The forceps are provided with opposite arc-shaped forceps openings. The other end of each forceps rod is a forceps handle. The inner sides of the forceps handles are provided with two hinged spring plates. The bending forceps has the advantages such as capability of causing a small wound, capability of ensuring fast regrowth and capabilities of protecting muscles from injury and relieving pain of patients. The bending forceps is particularly suitable to fractures on front outside ribs of 2-5 rows and a coastal neck closing to a spine and is functionally irreplaceable to the conventional straight forceps.




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