Oblique cone-shaped part manufacturing device



The utility model discloses an oblique cone-shaped part manufacturing device. The oblique cone-shaped part manufacturing device comprises a clamp, a measuring device, a balancing weight and a rhombic positioning pin; the clamp body comprises a body and a transverse plate, wherein the measuring device is clamped on the top of the body; the balancing weight is arranged on one end portion of the clamp; the rhombic positioning pin is arranged on the transverse plate of the clamp. The oblique cone-shaped part manufacturing device is simple in structure, convenient to operate, capable of saving operation time, low in labor intensity, stable in quality and the like; as a result, on the basis of meeting the accuracy requirement of workpieces, the manufacturing efficiency can be improved and the workpiece manufacturing cost can be reduced, and furthermore, the requirement on large batch production can be met and the production efficiency can be greatly improved.




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