Smelting and pouring fixture



The utility model discloses a smelting and pouring fixture. The smelting and pouring fixture comprises a base and a mesh cooling water pipe frame positioned on the base, wherein metal melt after smelting is poured into each grid defined by the mesh cooling water pipe frame. In order to further improve the cooling speed, an interlayer cooling water jacket is also arranged at the outer periphery of the cooling water pipe frame. The heat in the metal melt is taken away by the cooling water which continuously flows in the cooling water pipe frame and the interlayer cooling water jacket, so that the metal melt is quickly cooled, and is quickly cured and formed, segregation is reduced, the metal activity is quickly reduced, the combination between the metal melt and nitride in air is reduced, and the good rate of molded products is improved. According to the smelting and pouring fixture, the cooling of the metal melt is accelerated by flowing cooling water serving as a medium, so that the product defects caused by low cooling speed in the prior art are overcome, the product can be molded in one step according to requirements without procedures of pouring and molding large blocks and then manually crushing the large blocks according to required sizes, and manpower and materials are saved.




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