Refrigeration and freezing full conversion electric refrigerator



The utility model discloses a refrigeration and freezing full conversion electric refrigerator. The refrigeration and freezing full conversion electric refrigerator comprises a refrigerating system, wherein the refrigerating system comprises a compressor, an air outlet of the compressor is connected with a refrigerant line, a condenser and a throttling evaporation device are sequentially connected with the refrigerant line in series, the throttling evaporation device is connected with an air suction port of the compressor, the throttling evaporation device comprises an electromagnetic valve, a four way connector, and a first circuit, a second circuit and a third circuit, which are connected between the electromagnetic valve and the four way connector in parallel, the electromagnetic valve is connected with the condenser, the first circuit comprises a first throttling device, a refrigerating chamber refrigeration evaporator and a freezing chamber refrigeration evaporator, the second circuit comprises a second throttling device and a freezing chamber freezing evaporator, and the third circuit comprises a third throttling device and a refrigerating chamber freezing evaporator. The refrigeration and freezing full conversion electric refrigerator can flexibly adjust work temperature of a refrigerating chamber and a freezing chamber according to different needs of users, can enable the refrigerating chamber and the freezing chamber to flexibly achieve a refrigeration function or a freezing function, and meets diverse refrigeration demands of the users.




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