Magic intelligence development plate for preschool children


  • Inventors: ZANG XIAOXIAO
  • Assignees: 臧晓霄
  • Publication Date: December 31, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-204050977-U


The utility model discloses a magic intelligence development plate for preschool children. The magic intelligence development plate is characterized in that external gears are mounted in shaft holes of a panel through rotating shafts in the center, and the rear end of each external gear is sleeved with a rotating rod; two upper and lower pin shafts are arranged on one side of the rear end face of each rotating shaft, each pin shaft is provided with an external retaining ring thereon, and an annular spring fittingly sleeves the edges of the upper and lower retaining rings; an oval top block is mounted in an oval shelter hole at the docking position of the upper and lower external retaining rings, and the center of each oval top block is fixed to the corresponding rotating rod. By the arrangement, either a motor or the external gears can be conveniently assembled on the panel or removed; the rotating shafts of the external gears are provided with knob-type structures convenient to assemble and disassemble, simple operation for the children is facilitated, and using effect is quite good. Perception and study of transmission, speed change, combined steering and the like of the gears can be beneficially developed for the preschool children, which cannot be provided by other children's toys. The magic intelligence development plate is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and suitable for promotion and implementation.




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