Power distribution cabinet



The utility model discloses a power distribution cabinet, and relates to the field of electrical equipment. The power distribution cabinet comprises a power distribution cabinet body which is provided with a cabinet door and an upper top cover. The upper top cover and the power distribution cabinet are detachably connected. The power distribution cabinet body also comprises a blower fan and heat-radiating groove holes. The blower fan and the heat-radiating groove holes are arranged at the left side surface of the power distribution cabinet, and the right side surface and the bottom part are provided with multiple air inlet holes. The internal part of the power distribution cabinet is provided with a workbench. The internal part of the power distribution cabinet is provided with a transverse rod which is slidably connected with the power distribution cabinet. The front part of the transverse rod is provided with a plastic blocking plate which is fixed on the power distribution cabinet via screws and nuts. The power distribution cabinet is excellent in heat radiation property, excellent in insulation property and convenient to debug and maintain.




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