The utility model discloses a hanger. The hanger comprises an integrally formed L-shaped base; the base is provided with a plurality of fixing clamp grooves and a mounting hole; clamp rings are inserted into the fixing clamp grooves for fixation; a wire clamp is inserted and fixed in the mounting hole. Horizontal fixing clamp grooves in the prior art are designed into vertical fixing clamp grooves, two clamp keys are arranged at two ends of each clamp ring, and when the clamp rings are fixed, clamp keys of the clamp rings are inserted into the fixing clamp grooves without screws, and the fixation can be realized by simple insertion only; meanwhile, the structure of the wire clamp is improved, so that the wire clamp can be directly inserted into the mounting hole, and is not required to be fixed by a bolt. Meanwhile, the base is integrally formed, and the mounting process of fixing two different parts through bolts to form the L-shaped base is avoided, so that the whole hanger mounting process is simple and convenient, and the working efficiency is improved through insertion.




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