Safe and convenient plug



A safe and convenient plug of the utility model comprises a power line and a fixing part composed of n fixing part units of the same shape, wherein a metal insert is fixed below each fixing part unit, the metal inserts are connected with the power line, and n=2, 3, 4 or 5. A grab handle and a blocking head are sequentially arranged above the fixing part from bottom to top. The plug is designed by simulating the seal in life, force applying is easier, and the plug can be quickly plugged in and pulled out. The fixing part units gradually increase in thickness and become very thin sheets at the very bottom, which can block arc generated due to plug and pull and avoid the problem that other plugs are blocked when plugs on a power strip are crowded. A gap is formed between every two adjacent part units, and the power line is arranged in the gaps, so that the power line is not easily touched by people, and the risk of electric shock caused by line pulling in a panic is avoided. The plug provided by the utility model can be plugged and pulled by people more efficiently and safely, and is suitable for wide popularization.




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