Attraction centrifugal force inertia integrated generating force basic device



(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】経済性、安全性を将来に恒り実現できる引力遠 心力慣性を総合エネルギー化すること。 【解決手段】 主力中心のタービン1を強高速回転させ るためそのタービンの円周外側に数ヶ所のタービン回転 加速弾突主角3を一定等間隔で対角に配設し更にはター ビン1に対して、一定等間隔を置いて独立して周囲数ヶ 所にタービン回転加速輪転機5を各自単独軸をもって回 転させるために設定する。このタービン回転加速輪転機 5の外側にも各自数個のタービン回転加速弾突縦角7を 等間隔で各自対角で、タービン回転加速弾突主角3と同 数設定する。これはタービン1の高速回転に加速力を加 え、且つ内輪には各自1個づつ遠心力加速フンドウ6を 配設し、その引力遠心力慣性力を得てタービン1の回転 に加速力をえる装置とする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To cause attraction centrifugal force integrated inertia, capable of realizing economical efficiency and safety throughout a future, to form integrated energy. SOLUTION: Turbine rotation acceleration cartridge protruding main angles 3 in a plurality of spots are diagonally disposed in a plurality of spots on the outside of the periphery of a turbine to cause strong high speed rotation of a turbine 1 centering around a main force. Further, turbine rotation acceleration rotary presses 5 are set in a plurality of spots independently at equal distances to rotate the rotary presses with each own independent axis. A plurality of turbine rotation acceleration cartridge protruding longitudinal angles 7 are set diagonally to each other in the same number as that of the turbine rotation acceleration cartridge protruding main angle 3. This constitution forms a device constituted that an acceleration force is added to high speed rotation of the turbine 1, one centrifugal force acceleration weight 6 is disposed at each inner wheel, and an acceleration force is provided with rotation of the turbine 1 by obtaining an attraction centrifugal force inertia force.




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