Cooling structure of control panel



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the cooling structure of a control panel capable of reducing the size of a box while securing the amount of heat radiated outside the panel and eliminating a difference in temperature in the panel. SOLUTION: The inside of a box 2 is vertically divided into an amplifier receiving portion 6 having a large amount of heat and a power source receiving portion 5 having a small amount of heat and an air duct 20 for connecting a lower duct 21 between the power source receiving portion 5 and the amplifier receiving portion 6, a rear duct 22 behind the amplifier receiving portion 6, and an upper duct 23 above the amplifier receiving portion 6 is formed and a cooling fan is disposed in the air duct 20. Heat radiating fins 25, 26 are provided in the lower and the upper ducts 21, 23, respectively, and in-panel fins 27b extending radially from the center to the outside are arranged in the power source receiving portion 5 and the amplifier receiving portion 6 and circulating fans 31, 32 are arranged in the centers of the in-panel fins 27b, respectively.
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】 盤外への放熱量を確保しながら筐体を小型化 できるとともに、盤内での温度差を解消できる制御盤の 冷却構造を提供する。 【解決手段】 筐体2内を発熱量の大きいアンプ収納部 6と、発熱量の小さい電源収納部5とに上下に区分け し、筐体2に上記電源収納部5,アンプ収納部6の間に 位置する下側ダクト部21と、アンプ収納部6の後側に 位置する後側ダクト部22と、アンプ収納部6の上側に 位置する上側ダクト部23とを連通接続してなるエアダ クト部20を形成し、エアダクト部20内に冷却ファン 30を配設する。上記下側,上側ダクト部21,23に それぞれ放熱フィン25,26を配設し、盤内フィン2 7bを電源収納部5,アンプ収納部6内に位置させ、さ らに各盤内フィン27bを中心部から外方に放射状に延 びるよう配置するとともに、中心部に循環ファン31, 32を配設する。




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