Frozen dessert and method for making the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a frozen dessert having good palate feeling and flavor, packed in a bag-like container and made to be easily eaten, and to provide a method for making such a frozen dessert. SOLUTION: This frozen dessert is obtained by charging a solution containing saccharides and a gelatinizer and adjusted to 10-24 in saccharinity degree, into a flexible bag-like container 11 having an opening part 16 with a cap 17, and freezing the resultant product. It is desirable that the opening part 16 of the flexible bag-like container 11 has a leg part 21 tsxtending to the inside of the bag-like container 11, the leg part 21 comprises plural pieces of narrow plate-like members 22, and the cross directions of these plate-like members 22 are each turned toward the longitudinal face of the bag-like container 11.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 袋状容器に充填され、手軽に喫食できるよう にした、食感、風味が良好な冷菓及びその製造法を提供 する。 【解決手段】 糖類とゲル化剤とを含有し、糖度10〜 24度に調整された溶液を、キャップ17付きの口部1 6を有する可撓性袋状容器11に充填し、冷凍して冷菓 を得る。可撓性袋状容器11の口部16は、袋状容器1 1内に伸びる脚部21を有し、この脚部21は、複数枚 の細長い板状部材22からなり、この板状部材22は、 その幅方向を袋状容器11の前後面に向いて配置されて いることが好ましい。




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