Aperture for developing space recognizing and forming ability



(57)【要約】 【課題】空間認識・形成能力を養い、もって右脳能力の 開発に寄与する。 【解決手段】絵を複数の分割片に分割し、それらの分割 片の絵を同じくブロックを複数に分割した小ブロックの 複数の側面にそれぞれ描き、コンピュータ・ディスプレ イの画面上で上記小ブロックを回転、移動させつつ他の 小ブロックと組み合わせることで、元の絵を再組み立て させるようにする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a contribution to the development of right brain ability by cultivating space recognizing and forming ability. SOLUTION: A picture is divided to plural divided pieces and the pictures of these divided pieces are respectively drawn on the plural flanks of small blocks formed by likewise dividing a block to the plural blocks. While these small blocks are rotated and moved on a screen of a computer display, the small blocks are combined with the other small blocks, by which the original picture is reassembled.




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