Heat and sound insulating cover



(57)【要約】 【課題】製造容易で比較的廉価にて供給でき、軽量で扱 いやすく、金属板の接触音の問題もない、遮熱・遮音カ バーを提供することを課題とする。 【解決手段】所定形状に成形されたカバー本体1の内側 に、ガラスウール3等の遮熱材を変形自在なアルミ等の 軟質材4で包んで構成される遮熱・遮音材2を固定して 成る。好ましくは、前記遮熱・遮音材2の表裏面に適宜 凹凸形状を設け、また、吸音孔6を設ける。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a heat and sound insulating cover easy to manufacture, capable of being supplied relatively inexpensively, light in weight, easy to handle and having no problem of the contact sound of a metal panel. SOLUTION: The heat and sound insulating cover is constituted by fixing a heat and sound insulating material 2, which is constituted by wrapping a heat insulating material such as glass wool 3 or the like in a soft material such as freely deformable aluminum or the like, to the inside of a cover main body 1 molded into a predetermined shape. Preferably, an appropriate uneven shape is provided to the upper and rear surfaces of the heat and sound insulating material 2 and, further, sound absorbing holes 6 are provided to the heat and sound insulating material 2.




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